Dentist South Orange Your Tongue and Taste Buds

South Orange NJ Dentist With Facts that Roll off the Tongue

A great majority of the patients of your South Orange NJ dentist only schedule appointments when it comes to their teeth. And while this area of focus is indeed our specialty, we are concerned with your entire oral cavity as a whole! We pay attention to your cheeks, your gums and the topic of today’s blog, your tongue, too.


We find that although patients use their tongues every day to do so many essential things, like eat and speak, that they know surprisingly little about their tongues and taste buds. For that very reason, today we have provided some tasty facts about your tongue below:


-You can’t see taste buds with your naked eye. Those little pink bumps on your tongue? Those are called papillae, they are small hairs on the tongue that contain an average of 6 taste buds within each one.


-Your taste buds are a result of evolution! These cells helped us recognize different foods that may have been poisonous, spoiled or rotten- allowing us to react, survive and evolve as a species successfully over time!


-Average adult tongues have between 2000 and 4000 taste buds covering them. The cells within the taste bud responsible for how we perceive tastes can renew themselves every week!


-Different areas of the tongue sense different tastes. Various spots across the tongue sense sweet, sour, salty, bitter and savory all differently. The sides of the tongue are usually more sensitive and the back of the tongue is more reactive to a bitter sensation.


To find out more information about the health of your tongue and taste buds, call your South Orange NJ dentist today to schedule an appointment at (973) 763-7289.