Dentist South Orange Treating Sensitivity of the Teeth

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Teeth sensitivity has been estimated to impact 1 in every 2 people at some point in their lives, worldwide. In fact, many of the patients of your East Orange NJ dentist Dr. Mitchell-Douglas first schedule an appointment with our office because they too are dealing with teeth sensitivity. So what causes this ache and throb at the exposure of hot, cold, sweet or sour and more? How can it be prevented? Read below to see how Essex Dental Associates battle teeth sensitivity.


In order to take on sensitivity, we must first recognize how it comes to fruition. While every patient’s circumstances will be different, we find that most sensitivity can be brought on due to diet. Over years of eating and drinking acidic and sugary items, the enamel of the teeth can begin to wear away. It is when this protective layer is gone that the same items can cause microscopic holes to form in the teeth, burrowing their way to the very center where the nerve lies. It is when any substance, be it hot coffee, cold ice cream or anything in between makes contact with the nerve that your mouth can be in substantial throbbing, aching pain.


So what can be done to stop the pain? Well, if you take a stroll down the oral health care aisle of your local drugstore- you will find plenty of pastes and gels promising relief from sensitive teeth. The only problem we have with these products is their temporary nature. They may be able to numb your mouth and take away the pain of sensitivity for now, but only your East Orange NJ dentist has the solutions that can prevent the ache in the long term.


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