Dentist South Orange Treat the Canal, Save the Tooth

Dentist in Maplewood Discusses Root Canal Therapy


Of the various different services your dentist in Maplewood, NJ offers, it is the idea of a root canal that may keep you from scheduling routine appointments. No one really imagines that they would feel a sense of relief by being told they need a root canal. We understand. Truthfully, we would prefer to avoid this treatment, too. That being said, our reasons may be very different than yours.


The poor little root canal is misunderstood; plain and simple. For years, stories have been circulated about this restorative treatment that have perpetuated an unnecessary fear on the part of millions of patients. Let's just cut to the chase here, getting a root canal really isn't bad. It isn't painful (we use local anesthetic to ensure comfort from start to finish). It isn't unhealthy (up to date methods sterilize canals). In fact, when a tooth has been extensively damaged, root canal therapy can be a path to save natural structure.


A Lesson in Anatomy

Teeth are stabilized by roots that lie between them and the periodontal ligament, which runs around each arch. Roots tether teeth, and they are also responsible for nourishment that keeps teeth strong and resilient. On the uppermost portion of each tooth, there is a hard shell of enamel. This outer layer only goes so deep. Beneath it are softer tissues; first dentin, and then pulp. Enamel is not indestructible. If it gets damaged, bacteria may enter into the areas of softer tissue, eventually reaching the center, where nerves and blood vessels live.  Here, bacterial infection can cause quite a bit of pain.


Root Canal Therapy Resolves Pain

When you have a toothache, what you want more than anything is relief - and fast! Root canal therapy is the quickest path to comfort. The procedure is conducted with local anesthetic that numbs the area around the tooth, just like when you get a filling. The dentist makes a small area of access through which infected tissue is removed. To inhibit oral bacteria, sterilizing fluid is used to wash out canals, and they are then sealed off with inert material. Because the root and nerve have been removed, the tooth will require a dental crown, which we customize to look and feel just like nature intended.


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