Dentist South Orange Tooth Colored Fillings

Dentist in South Orange, NJ Discusses Natural Looking Fillings

Technology continues to advance and the innovations help us to achieve more natural looking teeth despite having dental work. Dental offices now offer tooth colored restoration which helps patients retain as much of their natural tooth as they can.
Dental Porcelains
Your teeth are resilient and strong by nature. The enamel is the protective covering of your tooth and it offers superior protection from damage. It also is the hardest substance found in the mouth. With the use of dental porcelains, many of these properties can now be mimicked. This ceramic is made from a non-metallic material that gets formed by heat.
These dental porcelains are made into a variety of colors and shades so they can perfectly match your teeth. First, they are made in a powdery substance that gets mixed together with water. Once that mixture is created, they get placed into an oven to be heated. When these porcelains are applied to the tooth in layers, they are stained to match the translucency and color of the existing enamel.
Dentin and Composites
Underneath your enamel is dentin. This is different from the tooth enamel and isn’t treated the same way. Because the dentin is porous, it transmits feelings and sensations to the nerve tissue found within the tooth’s pulp. Composites are the best way to apply a tooth-colored filling to dentin. That’s because they are made from fillers and resin which allow the composite to be translucent.
The Disadvantage of Silver Fillings
Not too long ago, everyone used silver fillings, otherwise known as amalgam, in the mouth. There are some downsides to this practice:
More of the tooth must be cut away in order to accommodate the filling
The tooth becomes weaker because of this damage
They aren’t attractive
These fillings are made with mercury and it could cause an allergic reaction
If you find yourself in need of a tooth filling, it’s wise to discuss your options with your dentist in South Orange, NJ. Together you can determine the benefits and consequences of both tooth-colored fillings and amalgam fillings. Then, you’ll be on your way to a mouth restoration that you can proud to show off.
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