Dentist South Orange Tips for Adults with Braces

South Orange NJ Dentist Gives Helpful Tips for Adults with Braces

Braces are not only for kids and teens; it is also for adults. If you prefer to have the traditional braces for your treatment, it is totally fine. While braces are helpful because they help straighten your teeth, they can sometimes also bring discomfort and pain to the wearer, especially for the first-time wearer.
Here are some helpful tips if you are an adult with braces:
Always brush your teeth
Brushing your teeth is also recommended for teens and kids who have braces. This can prevent bacteria to be trapped between your teeth and your braces. Always brush your teeth after you eat.
Eat soft foods
You have to eat soft foods after you got your braces and every time your braces is adjusted to lessen the pain. Eating hard foods may loosen your wire, and your brackets might fall off, so it is better to be cautious of what to eat rather than experience the pain of a having a broken wire or bracket.
Take pain relievers if you can’t handle the pain
If you really can’t handle the pain anymore, go and take pain reliever medicines to lessen it somehow. If you do not have any pain reliever available, you can try gargling with salt that is mixed with water. Doing this will temporarily numb your senses.
Do not chew objects
Do not chew objects, such as fingernails and pencil, to get rid of the pain. Remove this habit of yours because this may have a negative effect for your braces. You may end up breaking the braces which might cause more damage to your teeth.
If you have removable braces, clean them everyday
Always clean your removable braces every day to avoid bacteria buildup. You can soak your removable braces in a cleaning solution for a few minutes to have it sanitized. Always remember to use only solutions recommended by your dentist.
Go to your appointments
Every month, you are usually required to go back to your dentist for your braces’ adjustment. This is important so that the result will be fast and less painful. Skipping your dentist appointments will only prolong the agony of dealing the discomfort and may cause the treatment to take longer than expected. 
You should always be responsible for taking care of your teeth. If you are already an adult, that means you no longer need someone to remind you what and what not to do. Be responsible and follow these tips to have your straight white teeth without the painful process.