Dentist South Orange Tips for a Healthy Summer Mouth

South Orange Dentist Shares Summer Care Advice

With summer comes a lot of fun, especially when you consider trips to the pool, vacations to the beach and fun at local amusement parks. These warmer months are ideal for spending time as a family. Between summer vacations and all the excitement, it’s easy for children to get off track with their dental care. Here are some tips to prevent that from happening. 
Establish a Routine
If the kids stay up to watch fireworks or catch fireflies, it’s essential they don’t skip their bedtime brushing routine. This paired with flossing keeps kids on track for the back-to-school checkup.
No matter how busy they become, you need to ensure they are brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. Brush with your children for two minutes and you can spend a little extra time with them. They should also be flossing to remove any leftover debris and plaque. 
Avoid Sugary Snacks and Drinks
It’s tempting during this time to give your children sports drinks, soda, lemonade or other sugary snacks, but you must avoid this. Sweet treats are meant to be enjoyed once in a while, but not on a regular basis. Instead, give your children fluoridated water to beat the heat and enhance their nutritious meals.
Schedule the Back-to-School Dental Exam Now
Some schools will require a dental visit before your child comes back. This is an excellent way to ensure your child remains healthy. Make the appointment early in summer, like now, to avoid the mad rush in August. This gives you the chance to schedule the cleaning for a time that fits your schedule. 
During the exam, your South Orange dentist will look for any signs of issues as well as offer a comprehensive cleaning. Having white, sparkling teeth will help your child feel more confident in the upcoming school year. They might even make a few new friends thanks to their willingness to smile more.
Whatever concerns you have about summertime dental care for your children, be sure you speak with the dentist. Together, you can create a dental plan that ensures your child remains on the track of optimal dental health. After all, aren’t their pearly whites worth the effort?