Dentist South Orange Timing is Everything

Dentist in South Orange NJ on The Right Time for your Regimen

As we all come to find at some point in life, timing can be everything…and that certainly includes aspects of dentistry as well. How often you visit your dentist in South Orange NJ…how often you brush and how long you do it for- these are all things that can change your “dental destiny” in the long run.


The people who come up with recommendations for the number of times something like the above should be done, like the ADA (American Dental Association), create their recommendations from years of gathered data, research and at the advisement of thousands of dental health professionals. They put reliance on the fact that all humans are born with some sort of internal clock, so can at the very least appreciate things take time- when they should be done, so on and so forth. Whether we choose to participate or listen to these clocks, is a completely different story.


One place in an oral health regimen that sees some debate is in the area of flossing: should it be done before or after brushing? As it turns out, the answer actually holds some behavioral science related information about you as the flosser. To further see what some researchers had to say in an article and accompanying video by heading here: Dental Patient News.


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