Dentist South Orange The Best Teeth Whitener

East Orange NJ Dentist on Whitening the Right Way

Ashamed of the shade of your teeth? Well, your East Orange NJ dentists at Essex Dental Associates are here to tell you, we offer the best cosmetic teeth whitening around, so there is no need to hide that gorgeous smile any longer!


Many patients may find themselves a bit overwhelmed by the possible options when it comes to whitening, however. A simple walk into the pharmacy, or turning on the TV for that matter, can result in products upon products being shown that all are supposed to whiten smiles better than the other. From toothpaste to mouthwash, strips and beyond- what offers the best teeth whitening around?


Well, not to brag, but your East Orange dentists…yeah…they do it the best.


When we perform teeth whitening in office, we utilize the highest strength possible ingredients, to make your teeth shine the brightest they can- in the shortest amount of time. Most patients see their teeth improve several shades in only about an hour or so. And if in-office is too much of a time crunch for you right now, we also offer take-home kits too. The gel used is slightly less-powerful, so may take a few weeks of wearing custom fit trays for a couple hours every other day, but the results will still be stunning compared to in-store products.


But how much better do our techniques turn out than in-store products? And no matter the treatment chosen, how can one maintain their healthy, white new smile? Discover answers to these questions and so much more at the following resource: WebMD on Teeth Whitening.


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