Dentist South Orange Stay Away from Dental Myths

General Dentist in South Orange NJ Shares Harmful Myths Regarding Your Smile to Avoid


It’s no surprise that many people don’t like to go to the dentist. Whether it’s because it puts a damper on their day, they don’t have time for it, or they have a fear of the visit, there are many reasons that people come up with to avoid their appointment. But without visiting the dentist, you may not be receiving the best dental care you can! Here, your general dentist in South Orange NJ will discuss some of the popular myths that people have regarding their smile and what the truth really is!


Myth: You Need to Brush After Every Meal
There is such a thing as brushing too much! The ingredients in toothpaste can become too abrasive for the surface of your teeth and actually start to do damage. While they’re made to help, we don’t recommend brushing your teeth more than three times a day. It can damage your enamel (the protective surface of your teeth) and weaken it, causing your teeth to become sensitive to foods and drinks, and maybe even cold air!


Myth: Put an Aspirin Directly Next to Your Tooth to Reduce Aching
This is extremely harmful and should be avoided at all costs! Taking an aspirin the way it’s supposed to be taken may help the ache, but never put it directly against the tooth. The chemicals within an aspirin can cause a burning or painful feeling in your mouth if you let those them dissolve in your mouth. When you take aspirin the right way, it properly moves through your bloodstream and does its work!


There are countless myths that are spread through word of mouth that try to harm your teeth, but we won’t have it! Schedule an appointment or consultation with your general dentist in South Orange NJ by calling our office at (973) 763-7289. Let us improve your smile by debunking one myth at a time.