Dentist South Orange Stain Relief for Teeth

East Orange NJ Dentist on Stain Relief

When most people hear the words “chromogens” or “tannins” – they may think you work in a chemistry lab. But to your East Orange NJ dentist, these are terms notoriously linked to stains on the teeth. They both represent compounds that either cling to the enamel or make it easier for stains to stick to the teeth. And if Dr. Mitchell-Douglas has learned anything, it is that patients do NOT want their teeth to stain.


And while avoiding stains of the teeth can be pretty straightforward in some instances, in some ways it can become a little bit more complex. Sure, you can avoid darkly pigmented foods, drinks or habits that cause staining (drinking alcohol or using tobacco). You can even brush your teeth daily and visit Essex Dental Associates regularly…but unfortunately, that’s not always ALL that can be done.


The teeth change over time, much like our bodies, and thus, react differently to stains as time goes on. To help you better understand some of the changes that can occur from your favorite foods or habits over time, as you age like a fine wine (that could end up staining your teeth), we have provided the following article to read: here.


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