Dentist South Orange Save Your Teeth with Root Canal Therapy

East Orange, NJ area dentist describes root canal therapy


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When problems arise, it is important for patients to seek treatment from a dentist who can help. A toothache is a common concern that can occur and become problematic for patients. While in some cases it may be a simple cavity that needs to be filled, other times it may be more serious and require a treatment called root canal therapy.


Root canal therapy, also called endodontic therapy, is a treatment that is performed to remove the dental pulp from inside of a tooth that has become infected or diseased. By doing so, it deadens the tooth and eliminates the pain response. This is because the nerves and blood supply are contained in the dental pulp. This removal allows patients to address the problem but maintain the natural tooth structure.


The procedure starts with proper anesthetics and sedation. A hole is made to access the dental pulp to remove it. The entire canal is disinfected and treated before filling with gutta percha and sealing off the tooth with composite resin bonding. In many cases, patients may also benefit from a custom dental crown fabricated and bonded over the top of the tooth. This strengthens the tooth and protects it from further damage.


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