Dentist South Orange Reasons For Tooth Discoloration

How to Protect Your Smile from Tooth Discoloration with Your South Orange Dentist

Many people experience tooth discoloration but it isn’t always because of dirty teeth.  There are several other concerns that could be causing your teeth to become discolored. 
When someone is consuming too much fluoride, their teeth can become dramatically affected. During fluorosis, you could experience white or brown spots on the teeth.  Sometimes a teeth whitening procedure can help correct this.  It could balance out the white areas and help to mask the brown spots.  To correct the problem, one must first address where the additional fluoride is coming from.  Talk to your dentist about suggestions they have when you experience this problem.
Tetracycline Antibiotics
When you are prescribed Tetracycline antibiotics or any medication, you might experience tooth discoloration.  This isn’t always an indication of something harmful, but it could just be a side effect from the medication you are taking.
Decay of the Teeth
The most severe reason your teeth might be discolored is due to the decay that is occurring.  This is generally a result of poor oral hygiene and the excess buildup of bacteria.  Over time, this bacteria will destroy the tooth enamel and cause your teeth to look discolored and dull.  Your teeth could just appear yellow, or even worse, turn blue or black from the presences of bacteria. Whenever you are faced with the possibility of decay, it is important to see your dentist right away before the problems get worse.
Lack of Oral Hygiene
Many people will experience discoloration of their teeth when they aren’t taking the time to properly care for them.  If your teeth are turning yellow, it could mean that you have plaque and tartar build up on the surface.  This means it is time to amp up your dental routine.  
Visit your South Orange dentist and let them help you find the best plan to work your dental health back on the right track.  Maintaining optimum oral health is their main concern and they will steer you in the proper direction.  Take the necessary steps to improve and maintain a beautiful smile; you’ll only ever have one.