Dentist South Orange Pack Healthy Back to School Lunches

Dentist in South Orange NJ Helps Parents Pack a Health Lunch

Proper nutrition is essential to building strong bodies in your children, but it’s equally crucial for them to have healthy smiles. Now that the kids are back to school, you need to be especially vigilant about what’s going in their lunchboxes. Many parents aren’t sure what the best foods are for a healthy mouth, so let’s take a look at our favorite additions to a lunchbox.
What to Put in the Lunchbox for a Healthy Smile
While you’re packing your child’s lunch, you need to remember that sugar is the enemy to healthy teeth. If you plan to pack pre-packaged foods to make life a little easier, take the time to read the labels for sugar content. 
Just swapping out some high-sugar foods makes a big difference in your child’s dental care. Instead of these foods, opt instead for things like hard cheeses, nuts, fruit pieces and crunchy vegetables. Not only are they low in sugar, but they offer vitamins and minerals to help your kids develop correctly.
You also want to avoid anything sticky or too hard as these can lead to further tooth ailments or broken teeth. 
Many kids in America pack soda, sports drinks and sodas for their lunch. While these drinks are fun, they are also filled with sugar. These sugars stick to the teeth and lead to plaque buildup. Not only that, but sugar leads to many health ailments such as diabetes. The best alternative to these drinks is a bottle of water. Hydration is essential for a healthy mouth, plus water contains enamel-building fluoride.
Have Further Questions?
If you need more guidance about your child’s back to school lunches, don’t be afraid to talk to the dentist in South Orange, NJ at your kid’s next checkup. They’ll be able to offer you guidance to create a healthy mouth for your little one.