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Learn All About Our General Dentist in South Orange NJ

Top dentistry in South Orange NJ is our priority for patients, providing quality treatment for those in dental need. We want to share with you the values that we practice here at Essex Dental Associates and why we’re committed to our patients:


Delivering Results
Dr. Mitchell-Douglas wants every patient to have their dream smile, so delivering the best results is the key. We understand that your smile is important to the way you look and feel, so we want to work with our patients to make sure they have exactly what they ask for, whether it’s a brighter smile or a complete makeover.


Commitment to Service
There are countless patients who have an intense fear of going to the dentist, which puts their smile at risk for several dental issues like cavities, gingivitis, and serious gum disease. One of our many goals here at Essex Dental Associates is to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for patients who have a phobia of visiting with our friendly staff and professional South Orange NJ dentist.


Visit Your General Dentist in South Orange NJ to Transform Your Smile


Patient Education
Many patients don’t always understand what kind of dental work they’re receiving, which can turn into unnecessary or dangerous results. We want our patients to know, understand and stay educated about their potential procedure, so we keep an open dialogue with every individual during their appointment. Dr. Mitchell-Douglas will help create the best treatment plan for you!


Staying Current
Having the latest and greatest technology when it comes to caring for your smile is significant. Dentistry is evolving every day, so staying updated is necessary to provide patients with quality dental care. Your South Orange dentist and hygienists attend lectures, conferences, and more to keep our patients up to date with all of the information and options available.