Dentist South Orange Microdontia

South Orange Family Dentist Discusses Treating Small Teeth

Each smile is unique and different from others. Not all teeth are made to be the same size and some people suffer from smaller than average sizes. This is referred to as microdontia and there are some solutions that can fix the appearance. Here’s what you wanted to know about having small teeth.


What is Microdontia?

There are several levels of microdontia: truly generalized microdontia, individual microdontia and relatively generalized microdontia. Some people have just a few teeth that are small while others will have an entire mouth of smaller than normal teeth. Whatever the case is, this condition is often related to genetics.


Treatment Options

There are several ways to treat microdontia with the help of modern technology. Some people choose to use porcelain veneers. This popular choice requires little preparation work which means less of the tooth needs to be removed. In addition, the high-quality materials make this option a long-lasting and durable treatment.


Dental crowns are chosen when the tooth needs to be made stronger. Crowns look like a cap on the tooth and are made from a variety of materials. Most people opt to use a porcelain crown for longer life and a more natural appearance.


Dental bonding is a lesser chosen option, but it is available. This treatment requires little work prior to the procedure and works well on any existing tooth. The bonding adheres to the tooth and it is a durable choice. Dental bonding isn’t normally done on all the teeth, but rather just one of two small teeth that need to be repaired.


If you aren’t sure which option is best for you, it is best to speak with our dentist serving Maplewood, East Orange, and South Orange here at Essex Dental Associates. You want to choose something that is going to restore your smile and meet your expectations. Thankfully, trained dentists are equipped with the tools needed to repair microdontia and will have you fixed up in no time. Sit down with Dr. Mitchell-Douglas and map out a plan that works for you. In just a few short visits, you can be on your way to enjoy a smile filled with full-size, beautiful-looking teeth.