Dentist South Orange Is it safe to extract multiple teeth?

Is it safe to extract multiple teeth?

In Dentistry, Tooth Extraction may seem to be a very simple procedure. Teeth are often extracted due to various dental reasons. It can be due to severe decay or an advancing periodontal disease or broken or badly positioned teeth. However, is it really safe to remove two teeth at once?


Is it safe?


According to many dental specialists, there is no limit in tooth extraction in one visit. However, there are certain limitations that need to be followed before deciding to get multiple tooth extractions. This limit is determined according to the extent of difficulty of the extraction. It also depends on the health of the patient and the capacity of the dental surgeon who will be doing the procedure. It also depends on the location of the teeth that are going to be extracted.


However, many dentists would usually advise patients not to go through simultaneous extractions of more than two teeth due to practical reasons. Most dentists would prefer to extract teeth by section instead of extracting the whole teeth in one sitting. They want their patients to eat properly with the untouched section. Nonetheless, it is safe to have multiple tooth extractions depending on the agreement between the dentist and patient.


After Care


Multiple tooth extractions can also cause other complications. Once your teeth are removed, there is a tendency that the neighboring teeth will shift significantly from side to side. Multiple tooth extraction can cause major dental problems. It can lead to serious problems with your jaw joints. It can also affect your chewing ability. It is best that you consider getting implants or dental prosthesis to prevent complications due to multiple tooth extraction. Before going through the procedure, it is best that you collaborate with your dentist whether or not you should get a dental prosthesis.


There is no serious harm in getting multiple extractions in one session. However, it is important that you know the complications after the procedure. It is best that you see your dentist for aftercare.