Dentist South Orange Hypersalivation

Dentist in South Orange, NJ Discusses Excessive Mouth Watering

Saliva is an essential aspect of a healthy mouth. Not only is it integral to helping you digest your food but it serves as a natural mouthwash. Some people seem to have too much saliva and their mouth waters all the time. This condition is referred to as hypersalivation. Here’s what our South Orange dentist wants to share with our patients.
What Causes the Mouth to Water?
We all have a mouth that waters from time to time. Sometimes it is because we smell our favorite dish or other times it is because we are digesting food. 
In regular amounts, saliva is essential to your mouth, stomach and body. Saliva is also essential to fighting cavities in the mouth by keeping the bacteria levels low.
Hypersalivation Symptoms
When you battle excessive salivation, you might suffer some of these symptoms:
Constantly swallowing
Needing to spit to clear out the mouth
Drool on your pillow after sleep
Dripping saliva during daily activities
Difficulty eating or drinking due to the amount of saliva in your mouth
Some sources of hypersalivation include:
Oral ulcers
Acid reflux
Side effects of medication
Toxic reactions
Injury to the jaw    
Neurological disorders
These are only a few of the common causes. You might find that your issues stem from another concern.
If you find that you suffer from excessive salivation, it would be important to speak with Dr. Mitchell-Douglas, our dentist serving Maplewood and South Orange. Some people find that brushing the teeth and using a rinse puts a temporary end to the problem, but doesn’t resolve the overall issue. Dr. Mitchell-Douglas examines your mouth, discusses the symptoms and do any other diagnostic tests needed. Then, once the cause has been established, a treatment plan can be created to stabilize your salivation levels. It may require the use of a lower starch diet or possibly a change in your medications.
You aren’t alone in this problem as many other Americans seem to have the same struggle. Don’t be afraid to have it checked out sooner than later so you can start on the path to recovery. Together, you and our dentist in South Orange, NJ  will find the treatment that works for you.