Dentist South Orange How You Eat Affects Your Teeth

South Orange NJ Dentist on the "HOW" not "WHAT"

As the best South Orange NJ dentists, our office treats patients on a regular basis that have their oral health suffer at the hands of their diet. While you may be able to understand the actual detrimental effect of “what” someone eats from our other blogs we provide, or just by general knowledge, today we will be tackling a related topic. Instead of looking at “what” you eat and how it may harm you, we will discuss “how” you eat can affect your teeth.


When it comes to our teeth, it turns out quantity can be just as harmful as quality. That is, if we eat too many foods that are “relatively bad” for our teeth, it can do the same damage as binging on one big sugary or acidic option. The longer and more frequently we have these foods in our mouths (literally, the amount of time), the more damage they have the ability to do. It starts out with by wearing the enamel and feeding the bacteria that can cause wear or decay until it actually becomes the decay and other issues develop from there. Of course by rinsing with water or brushing and flossing following these meals it can help, but the issue in this day and age becomes more a debate of “what is truly bad for us?” This is due to the fact that hidden sugars and acids are found in so much of the “healthy” or “diet” options…so please be cautious of labels.


Pace can also be a huge factor when it comes to the health of your mouth. By eating your meal too quickly, you do not allow a chance for saliva to start breaking it down before it reaches your stomach. This can lead to acid reflux and nutrient absorption issues, both of which can cause damage to tissues in the mouth and teeth.


Lastly, the order can even play a role in oral health maintenance as well. Everyone likes a little sweetness, a desert to round out their meals sometimes. But by having this treat before your big meal, as un-natural as that is, you allow the saliva and the substance of the rest of your meal to wash away any lingering sugary particles. As it turns out, you can have your cake and eat it too…just maybe before your streak.


By taking this quantity, pace and order issues into mind, alongside “what” you are actually eating, you can setting yourself up to have your best smile ever.


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