Dentist South Orange How to save loose teeth from extraction

East Orange NJ Dentist

Many adults would often want to avoid extracting the loose teeth. Oftentimes, they would ask their dentist if there are treatments to fasten the teeth tightly into the jaw. Luckily, there are procedures made available to stabilize those loose teeth.


What are these procedures?


·         Deep Cleaning

If your loose teeth are caused by a gum disease, deep cleaning is often done. This is the most common problem that causes loose teeth. Air pockets are often formed when you are suffering from gum disease. It creates an infection in between teeth and causes the teeth to loosen.  Most dentists would often use quadrant scaling during deep cleaning. But if the periodontal disease advances, other surgical procedures are done to ensure that the plaque is removed from the air pockets of the teeth.


·         Splinting

Splinting is a procedure wherein two or three teeth are joined together to strengthen the teeth. It keeps the loose teeth stable. These teeth are often bound by a white resin to form the splint. Splinted teeth require utmost care in terms of maintenance. Dentists would often recommend a proxybrush when you brush your splinted teeth. Flossing is not applicable for splinted teeth.


·         Bone grafting

Bone grafting is a procedure which is used to fixed tooth loose caused by trauma. In this procedure, the dentist will be transplanting bone tissue around the jaw area. The tissues will help stabilize the loose tooth. This procedure can be costly, but it can surely stop tooth extraction.


·         Gingival grafting

Gingival grafting is also known as periodontal plastic surgery. In this surgical procedure, the gum tissue is grafted and added into the root surface of the gums. It helps the connecting tissue to attach towards the loosen teeth. Gingival grafting is often used to cure gum recession.


These are just some of the procedures to avoid tooth extraction on loose teeth. These procedures can be really costly. It is very important that you practice good oral hygiene to avoid tooth loss and periodontal disease. In case of oral health problems, it is best that you seek an oral health professional.