Dentist South Orange How Long Temporary Fillings Last

How Long Can You Keep a Temporary Filling?

A temporary filling is an intermediate filling that may be placed for a variety of reasons for an emergency appointment or insufficient time to relieve the sensitivity or inadequate time for the evaluation of the tooth. But how long does this filling last?


From the word itself, it is meant not to last for a long period of time because it wears out more swiftly. This filling often lasts about six to eight weeks, especially if the reason of the filling is about the root canal. Please note that failure to return to the dentist can lead to permanent destruction of the tooth resulting in a decaying, gum infection, and a potential tooth loss. Several temporary fillings are used in today’s field of dentistry. These dental fillings must seal the tooth to stop the bacteria from thriving inside. The temporary filling does not offer the same protection to the tooth as a permanent filling, so it needs to be replaced to avoid risking the health of the tooth.


Examples of Temporary Fillings Include:


Cavit – A self-cured, filling material for temporary restoration of cavities. It is simple to apply.


Poly F – A zinc polycarboxylate cement suitable for crown, bridges, and inlays.


Zinc oxide Eugenol (ZOE) – It is a material made from the combination of zinc oxide and eugenol which is found in oil of cloves.


Fuji GIC cement (II, VII, and IX) – It is a self-cured, glass ionomer restorative which has high resistance to water.


To make sure that the temporary filling lasts until the next visit to the dentist, the patient should watch what he or she chews. Chew gently on the side of the mouth so that the filing won’t be destroyed. Be cautious when you brush your teeth or floss; brush gently but thoroughly, use a soft or extra-soft bristled toothbrush. Visit your dentist in Maplewood, NJ for more information.