Dentist South Orange Ending Enamel Erosion

East Orange NJ Dentist on Evading Erosion

Besides the fact that they all occur to the teeth, what do dental detriments like decay, sensitivity and staining all have in common? Their starting place. Most of these issues can begin with enamel erosion, which is something that your East Orange NJ dentist must treat patients for on a daily basis. To help you recognize how enamel gets damaged in the first place- we have compiled this blog for you today.


Before we start with the causes of enamel erosion, we must first understand the definition. Enamel is the clear, protective outer layer of the teeth. Much like an egg shell, the enamel keeps the innards of the tooth (the dentin, nerves and more- instead of a yolk) safe from harm. But also as an egg shell, when damage is done to it, it can be hard to restore. Enamel may be the strongest surface in your entire body, but unlike bone and muscle- it cannot regenerate. The only way to replace enamel after it is lost is with artificial means and procedures, which can be usually provided by Dr. Mitchell-Douglas.


So, clearly, no one wants their enamel to wear away. What can we do to prevent that from happening then? Try avoiding acidic or sugary foods and beverages, and keeping a daily oral health regimen intact. And while these are just starting points- there are other ways to prevent enamel loss as well. To review some of those additional means, as well as to see just how important enamel can be to your smile, click here to view an informational slideshow concerning enamel damage.


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