Dentist South Orange Eating For a Better Smile

South Orange NJ Dentist on Mouth-Healthy-Foods

Excellent hygiene starts and ends with you. And while brushing and flossing daily while maintaining twice-yearly appointments with your South Orange NJ dentist also plays a huge part, so can some other factors. Your diet impacts the health of your entire smile in a big way, which should come as no real surprise. What CAN come as a surprise, however, is what exactly may be a “healthy” or “unhealthy” meal or beverage. Click below to find out more and learn how to eat your way to a better smile!


-Dark, Leafy Greens: although they are not every kid’s (or adult, for that matter) favorite food, veggies like broccoli and bok choy, amongst others, can be great for your smile. They provide high levels of calcium that can keep your gums nice and strong.


-Dairy: if leafy greens aren’t your thing, maybe pairing them with something like a little cheese will help?! Add dairy like yogurt, low-fat milk and yes- cheese- to boost your calcium intake even more. Strengthen those teeth and gums the right way by adding a little dairy to your diet.


-Whole grains: also contains vitamins, like vitamin B, which can help maintain your gum and teeth health. It is important to choose whole grains over your “white” options especially. White rice, white bread, and related items contain large amounts of sugar compare to whole grains, which can lead to cavities more frequently.


-Water: the basis of life is also the basis of great oral health. Drinking plenty of water stimulates saliva, which is crucial for your mouth, but also if you drink tap water- you can be seeing the cavity preventing benefits of fluoride. Fluoridation is usually on a per-municipality basis, so you should review that with your local town government for more information.


For more tips and recommendations for maintaining a picture perfect smile, call the office of your South Orange NJ dentist today at (973) 763-7289.