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The Signs and Symptoms of Bruxism

It seems that every day your East Orange NJ dentist Dr. Mitchell-Douglas must help patients fight against what seems to be, the unknown. While most dental detriments, such as decay or disease, can work without us knowing completely- some of the more “physical” oriented issues can as well. What we are referring to is known as bruxism, or teeth grinding. We say most patients don’t realize this is an ongoing issue because a majority will grind their teeth overnight while they sleep, or as an automatic nervous habit.


Because so many may not completely realize they are committing to this habit, we wanted to share some of the tell-tale signs and symptoms to look out for today:


- New popping or clicking sounds when you move your jaw.

- Severe jaw or facial pain.

- Loose or excessively sensitive teeth.

- Wear on the teeth, or small cracks forming.

- Chronic headaches.


And even though this list is not 100% comprehensive, these are some of the most prominent signs that you may need assistance to prevent further grinding damage. Of the types of treatment available, nightly worn mouth guards, behavioral therapy, and stress management classes are usually the most popular forms- with cosmetic types of surgery to correct the problem also being available.


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