Dentist South Orange Dental Products: Safe to use or not?

East Orange NJ Dentist 

Dental products are very popular because most people want to be able to show off a beautiful smile with their pearly white teeth. However, it has been a recurring issue as to whether dental products are safe to use or not. The answer there would be a simple yes and no. Not all dental products are safe for you, and not all dental products are unsafe for you either. Here are a few signs that you need to take note of when screening out your dental products for safety.


Check for Amount of Fluoride


Fluoride is a type of chemical that’s used in a lot of dental products such as toothpaste as well as teeth cleaners. Although fluoride is used commonly, an excessive amount of this is actually not good for the body. Too much fluoride in the body may cause damaging effects to the brain. It is for this reason that you have to check the amount of fluoride present in your dental products. Too high of a level may be dangerous to your body. For adults (19-year-olds and above) with a body weight of 133 lbs, 3.0 mg per day is the adequate fluoride intake. 


Be Careful with Peroxide Bleaching Products


Teeth whitening products are all the rage with people nowadays since most people aim to flash a bright smile. However, this comes at the steep price of making use of peroxide bleaching products that may have harmful side effects to certain body types. Always check with your dentist before you apply any of these products.


Test for Metal Sensitivity


If you are planning to have a prosthodontic treatment, then you must first know how well your body can tolerate having metal in it. Many people who have mercury amalgams or individuals who use dental products that contain nickel suffer from metal allergies or even hypersensitivity. Before you go through with these procedures, check first if your body can take it and your safety is not at risk.