Dentist South Orange Dental Care Tips During Cold or Flu

South Orange, NJ Shares Tips to Protect Your Oral Health During the Colder Months

It’s that time of year again when many people will experience a period of feeling under the weather. During this critical time, it’s important to care not just for your body but also your mouth. Here are some tips to keep your teeth in optimal condition during a cold or flu.
Practice Good Oral Hygiene
Don’t neglect your daily oral hygiene while you are sick. In addition, you might want to consider throwing away that toothbrush after the illness has passed. While it isn’t common to reinfect yourself, it’s not worth taking the chance. 
Use Sugar-Free Cough Drops
Before you grab that bag of cough drops at the store be sure you check the label and avoid any sugars. Otherwise, you are sucking on a piece of candy which will create more bacteria in the mouth. This could lead to future cavities. 
Clean Your Mouth After Vomiting
Those battling a stomach virus may inevitably throw up at some point. While it is tempting to brush your teeth, you are better off waiting. The stomach acids are in contact with your teeth at this point and brushing that could spread it further. Instead, opt to swish some water or us a baking soda rinse to neutralize the acid. Then, after about 30 minutes, you’ll be safe to brush.
Drink Plenty of Water
When you don’t feel well, it can be hard to stay hydrated, but it is essential. Not only does it prevent dry mouth but it helps to fight off the infection. It might be tempting during this time to drink sports beverages to replace electrolytes. This is okay if done in moderation, but choose the sugar-free version if possible as the regular varieties contain lots of sugar. 
If you are looking for a beverage that will warm you up, try some hot tea. Just avoid adding sugar or lemon if possible. 
Caring for your teeth and gums is just as important as the care you give your health. Don’t neglect to take the steps of proper oral hygiene while you are sick. You may even find that caring for yourself in this way helps you to feel better overall.
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