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Did your tooth crack or break? You may Need a Crown


Because our teeth are so durable for so many years of our life, it can come as an utter surprise if what seems like a minor event causes a chip, crack, or break. There are many possible explanations for a broken tooth. It could be that rogue kernel of popcorn, or the cube of ice you chewed on. In many cases, a tooth chips or breaks under minor stress because it has become compromised over years of rigorous activity, and possibly a little erosion or decay. Your East Orange, NJ dentist offers a few tips on what to do if you chip or break a tooth.


  • A broken or cracked tooth need repair! Call your dentist right away to schedule a visit for this. If you put off care, there is the potential for infection to develop. To remedy infection may require a root canal. How much easier would it be to just get the tooth fixed sooner rather than later?
  • If the break has left you with an ache or throbbing pain, you may soothe the irritation by swishing some warm, salty water over the area. Do so gently so as not to disrupt any fragile pieces of the tooth. Over-the-counter medication may also temporarily relieve inflammation and discomfort. These steps are not a substitute for getting the restorative care you need from the dentist.
  • Avoid further damage by eating soft foods until the tooth is restored.

What to Expect

When you visit Essex Dental Associates to repair a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth, we may suggest a crown for optimal function. A crown will also look exactly like a natural tooth, thanks to the metal-free options that are available today. To repair a tooth with a dental crown, we must first remove any damaged material and shape the tooth to accommodate its new cover. Impressions will create a model of the tooth, and will enable the lab technician to replicate, as closely as possible, the structure of your natural tooth. The process of restoring a cracked or broken tooth with a crown takes two visits, and it gives you years of comfort and durability.


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