Dentist South Orange Can I Pull My Kids’ Teeth?

07079 Dentist Discusses Your Children's Teeth and How to Treat THem

Everyone has probably experienced the string tied to a door method of pulling teeth when they were a kid. Sometimes, stubborn baby teeth can be a real pain, and they need a bit of help to come out. You may have one of two types of children. Some kids cannot wait for the tooth to come out so that they can get a shiny coin under their pillow at night. Some kids are afraid of it hurting and bleeding, so they want it to stay in as long as possible. Your course of action will depend on what type of kid you have.
When Should I Help Them Pull a Tooth?
Honestly, you don’t have to, unless there is a tooth that has been in there, loose, and will just not come out. That is rarely the case though. The roots of the baby teeth dissolve, then the tooth becomes very loose, and it will eventually fall out. There is a proper way to get a tooth out though. No one should use the old methods, as they can be harmful, and cause unnecessary damage and pain. If your child is fearless, you can instruct them on how to properly pull their own teeth, with supervision of course. However, you will probably be playing dentist at home, so there are a few simple steps to take for pulling a tooth painlessly. You must make sure that the tooth is ready to come out. If you wiggle the tooth, and even twist it a bit, it should easily be moved without much pressure. 
How Do I Pull the Tooth?
The tooth fairy will be happy that you got that tooth out without hurting the child. First, make sure that your hands are sanitized. If you have some rubber gloves, those will help with sanitary conditions, and give you a bit of grip on the tooth. You can wiggle the tooth back and forth, and twist it slightly, and if it is ready, it will come right out without much effort. Ensure you have a clean gauze pad handy for any bleeding, although it should be minimal. Have your child bite down on the pad for a while, checking every so often for more bleeding. Make sure that the socket does not have any baby tooth particles stuck in there. This rarely happens, but give it a look anyways. 
Once you pull that tooth, which should have been painless, you can then clean it up and set it under their pillow. Infection can be a problem after losing a tooth. Monitor your child’s mouth and look for redness or swelling. Ask them if they feel pain. Make an appointment with your 07079 dentist if there are any problems.