Dentist South Orange Brighten Up Your Smile!

Your East Orange, NJ Dentist has Solutions to Bring out the Razzle Dazzle in your Smile


There is something about bright, white teeth that create feelings of warmth. Just think of a time when you have been greeted by a person with beautifully brilliant teeth. Chances are, you were drawn in; you may not have even known why! According to research, this is not a rare phenomenon. Humans are attracted to beauty, plain and simple. So, how do we create that thing of beauty in your smile? Teeth whitening may be the way.


Discoloration is a problem that affects a large majority of adults. It is for this reason that we see such a myriad of whitening toothpastes and strips lining store shelves. The fact is that, for most people, commercial whiteners really don't do much; other than perpetuate their frustration at having dull, stained teeth! Rather than feel disappointed at the lack of results from other methods, head straight to your East Orange, NJ dentist for professional care that will give you the smile you desire.


Whitening in One Hour


There are now two appropriate methods for removing stains from teeth. Many of our patients choose to whiten at home using our professionally-made trays and professional-grade whitening solution. The other option, which is appealing for its immediate results, is to whiten teeth in the office.


In-office teeth whitening is not just for those who have an upcoming event. A good number of patients who schedule treatment with us simply don't want to mess around with daily treatment, short-lived as it may be. This is the primary benefit of letting us do the work for you. In a single office visit that usually takes only about an hour, it is possible to see a whole new smile - a whole new you. 


The process is simple. We apply protective covering to your gums and lips, and then apply a whitening solution to your teeth. This peroxide product is activated with light, encouraging the breakdown of tiny molecules that have settled in the pores of enamel. After a few minutes, the solution is removed and we assess the results. If needed, the process can be repeated.


Are you ready to stand out for your Razzle Dazzle smile? Call our office to schedule your treatment today.