Dentist South Orange Breathing through mouth causes tooth decay

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In case you wake up with your mouse feeling dry, there are high chances that you slept with your mouth open. This may look like a harmless issue that can be easily fixed with just a glass of water. However, according to a study that was published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, this could be an indication of future dental issues.
When it comes to facial or oral development in kids, breathing through the mouth can be a cause of concern for your dentist.


Signs & symptoms


Before we can discuss the negative effects of breathing through the mouth, it is advisable to consider the various signs & symptoms that can be potentially dangerous as many people who breathe through their mouth do not even realize that they are doing so until when a serious health problem arises. Some of the common signs & symptoms include:
Dry lips
Sleeping with an open mouth or snoring
Increased infections of the airway including colds, ears and sinus
Crowded teeth
Chronic bad breath
When you experience one or more of these issues, it is important to contact a dentist immediately. The dentist will work out for a way of fixing the issue and ensuring that you get back into health. One of the major causes of breathing through the mouth is chronic nasal obstruction. Once your body is unable to get enough amounts of oxygen through nasal breathing, it will automatically use the mouth to supply your body with the needed oxygen.
Dry mouth is a leading cause of gum diseases and oral problem which is quite dangerous and can result in various health issues throughout the body such as heart diseases, stroke, or even heart attack. In kids, nasal breathing can result in lower oxygen concentration in blood as well as facial deformities.
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