Dentist South Orange Break Away from Dental Stress

East Orange NJ Dentist Discusses how Stress can Ruin Your Smile Over Time


Your East Orange NJ dentist knows that life is no cakewalk and stressful situations are inevitable. Whether it’s work, school, or your general daily routine, there are times when you can only focus on getting rid of your stress so you can go back to your comfort zone. During stressful situations, your physical and mental health is at risk and that includes your teeth. Below, we’ll discuss some of the instances where your smile is in danger due to your stress.


Stress is never easy to maintain or control; sometimes, things just become out of your hands and there’s not much you can do about it. This is what can cause the tense muscles in your body and your clouded, foggy mind. This can also cause you to grind your teeth. Whether you realize it or not, grinding your teeth is one of the worst bad habits that you can do. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they’re doing it. It can be an unconscious reaction to a stressful situation where you clench your jaw or you could be grinding your teeth back and forth while you sleep.


When you grind your teeth, you’re damaging your enamel, which is the protective surface of your tooth that covers the sensitive inside known as the dentin. The dentin contains nerves that, when come in contact with hot or spicy foods and drinks, can send a sharp pain through your mouth and bring excessive discomfort. Not only will your teeth be in danger, but so will your jaw! TMJ is a serious joint issue that can negatively affect your jaw and facial structure.


Don’t let your smile suffer because of your stress and don’t hesitate to call your East Orange NJ dentist about ways to protect your teeth during these times. Call our office to schedule an appointment or consultation today at (973) 763-7289.