Dentist South Orange Avoid Stress, Avoid Dental Issues

Dentist near Maplewood NJ Ensures Importance of Appointments in Terms of Stress


Dealing with stress can affect more than just your emotions; it also harms your physical health, including your teeth. Although this mostly goes by unnoticed, patients aren’t always aware of the severity of their stressful actions until it may be too late! Your dentist near Maplewood NJ wants to keep patients aware of the potential risks their teeth may experience.


Periodontal Disease
There’s a large number of patients throughout the United States that suffer from gum disease, which affects their teeth and gums and can cause tooth loss. From a combination of poor dental health, a bad diet, and failure to visit your dentist bi-annually, gum disease is not an uncommon occurrence. The opposite holds true, as well; a patient is more likely to suffer from stressful situations if they already suffer from gum disease.


Keeping up with your bi-annual appointments is an important step in protecting your smile. Not only will having a healthy smile lessen your stress, you’ll be more confident about yourself!


Are you dealing with stress or suffering from dental pain? Please contact your dentist near Maplewood NJ in order to start your journey to a new, healthier smile today by calling (973) 763-7289.