Dentist South Orange Abscessed Tooth Truth

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Your dentists serving Maplewood NJ at Essex Dental Associates want you to know the perils of a tooth abscess. Abscesses, which are usually caused by bacterial infections, can also result because of cavities, decay, plaque or even dental work or surgery. Abscesses manifest themselves as pockets of pus that form either at the root of the tooth or in the gums surrounding the tooth. Each of these has their own complications and symptoms, which we will discuss below.


What are the symptoms of a tooth abscess?

Basic symptoms include swelling and pain at the tooth site that progressively gets worse. The sore and tender abscess may feel like it is throbbing and could produce blood from the gums. The teeth around the infected area could become extremely sensitive to hot and cold. The patient may develop a fever and/or take in less nourishment because of the pain.


What are the consequences of a tooth abscess?

Left untreated or dealt with, an abscess can result in infection of the surrounding tissue, teeth or bone. The sinuses and other facial areas can be on the end of further infection as well. At the most serious end of the spectrum, Ludwig angina is possible. This illness brings on a swelling on the neck and/or tongue that can result in airways closing up and even death resulting.


If you believe you have developed a serious tooth abscess- it is important to not ignore it and to seek treatment from your dentist serving Maplewood NJ right away! If the abscess has progressed to the more serious swelling stages- seek emergency care immediately.


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